10 Methods to manage your anger

10 methods to manage anger

10 Methods to manage your anger

First of all we should know What anger is.

Anger is a form of energy that generally brings imbalance of mind as well as body. It may result into actions which are harmful for us and others. This energy can be used in positive as well as negative manner.

Most of us waste this energy in negative ways as :

  • Shouting on others.
  • Fighting with others.
  • Thinking unnecessarily .
  • Putting ourselves in stress.
  • Crying or weeping.
  • Criticizing others .

Results of Anger

  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart attack.
  • Hyper tension.
  • Stress.
  • Committing crime.
  • Spoiling relationships.
  • Weak immunity system
  • Other health problems

10 Tips to manage your anger

There is a popular proverb

“Anger is the fire in which the angry burns himself”.

We can channelize the anger to bring good results in our life. Anger is the energy if used positively can bring marvelous results into our lives.

As we know that energy can be transformed from one form to another. Same way we can transform our negative anger into positive outcome. There are few techniques which can be adopted to prevent, release and manage your anger.

1. Forgiving

“Forgive yourself and others”

Sometimes you may find yourself responsible for your anger and a guilt may arise inside you. So you must forgive yourself in such a case. This untreated guilt may bring lack of confidence and inferiority complex in you.,

It is always good for you to forgive the person whom you find responsible for your anger. This must be done from deep of your heart. It will definitely helps you to calm down. You may find it difficult to forgive others but there is no fun to burn yourself in the fire of anger because of others.

2. Deep Breathing

“Breathing is the source of life”.

Deep Breathing is the the practically tested exercise to release and manage your anger. Deep breathing can be performed in the following manner:

  • Inhale fresh air through nose until lungs get full with air.
  • Exhale through mouth until lungs get fully empty.

You should repeat this process multiple times until you feel calm and relaxed. It also helps to keep blood pressure normal.

Moreover modern doctors are also advising this technique to patients of high blood pressure.

3. Meditation

“Meditation is the best medicine for anger”.

Meditation is the best method to manage your anger. It is now scientifically proven that meditation helps to slow down thoughts. Moreover it also helps to relax brain and body muscles.

It further helps us to calm down. Click here to know how to meditate.

4. Music

“Music makes us close our self”.

Listening your favorite music also helps you to cool down. Slow or classical music is always a better option for getting calm.

5. Share your problem

“Share your problem to get rid of it”.

Sharing your problem or reason of anger with someone you trust can also help to release and manage your anger. In this way you can get rid of negative thoughts and anger.

You should always share your problem to someone who is of positive mindset. Sharing your problem will negative people will serve no purpose. It is always good to share your problem with your parents and teachers as they are the best well wishers.

6. Cold Water

“Drink a glass of cold water to get rid of anger”.

Cold water is one of the best remedy to make ourselves calm. One or two glass of cold water helps to cool down temper. Hence you can release and manage your anger.

7.Go Away

“”Leave the place”

It is always better to leave the place or person which you find the source of anger. By going away, you can make yourself calm and at peace.

Keeping yourself at same place and with same person will not let you calm down as there are good chances that you would keep yourself in infinite loop of anger.

8. Physical Activities

“Exercise can help to releases anger”.

Physical activities can also help us to release anger. As we do some physical work or exercise, anger gets automatically released through perspiration, increased flow of blood inside body cells and release of hormones responsible for producing happiness.

9. Dancing

“Dance is the best exercise”.

Dance is a very good way to release anger. While dancing, whole body moves resulting into exertion which further helps to calm down and manage your anger.

10. Visit your favorite place

Visiting your favorite place can also help you to cool down your temper. It could also be a garden or some natural place.

You can also visit some religious or spiritual place as per your religious or spiritual belief. The environment of such places is generally full of positivity which can further help you to become positive.

This positivity can further help you to become calm and manager your anger.


In this article, tips have been suggested to manage your anger. They include forgiving others, deep breathing, doing meditation, leaving the place, drink cold water, perform some physical activities, listening to your favorite music or visit to your favorite place. These tips definitely help to release and manage your anger. These tips also help to release stress.

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