6 tips to start your day with positivity

6 tips to start your day with positivity
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6 tips to start your day with positivity

Start of your day decides how your entire day will pass. You must have noted that if your day starts bad, your entire day will pass same way. So You must start your day happily and with positive mindset so that you enjoy your whole day. This article provides you tips on How to start your day. These tips can help you to keep yourself in high spirits.

6 tips to start your day with positivity

Different tips to start your day are:

  • Get up Early
  • Morning Walk
  • Meditation
  • Proper Meal
  • Stay Positive
  • Self Affirmation

1. Get up Early

Early Birds stay fresh

You should get up early in the morning if possible. The amount of air pollution is at its least during morning time. So intake of fresh air in the morning will surely keep you fresh and energized throughout the day.

Your brain generates alpha waves between 8hz to 12Hz when you are awake but relaxed. It happens only when you are not processing much information. It can generally happen easily during early morning hours due to negligible noise pollution and other distracting sounds. These alpha waves help in reducing stress, discomfort as well as anxiety.

2. Morning Walk

Morning Walk is for healthy life.

Morning walk is the best exercise to cure all diseases. Due to less air pollution during morning hours, your intake of fresh oxygen is more as compared to day time.

Morning walk also helps you to keep your blood pressure normal due to improved blood circulation in your body. It is specifically helps in reducing high blood pressure hence saving your from heart attack as well as stroke. This is because the Morning walk strengthens your heart and overall health.

Little stretching or physical exercise can give additional advantage if you implement them in your routine along with morning walk. They can help you to burn additional calories keeping you more fit. Jogging is a very good exercise for loosing weight and extra fats from your body.

3. Meditation

Meditation refreshes you immediately.

Meditation is the best way to keep your refreshed and energized throughout the day. Meditation relaxes brain as well as body. It also help you to keep yourself at peace. So you can pass your day with ultimate clarity and without loosing your temper on meager issues. There is a long list of benefits of meditation. Click here to know different benefits of meditation.

You must meditate for at least 10 to 15 minutes in the morning as well as before going to bed. There are various methods of doing meditation but most commonly used method is watching your breath during meditation. Click here to know how to meditate.

4. Take proper meal

Morning meal is must.

Breakfast is very important part of morning. After sleeping for few hours in the morning and refreshing yourself in the morning, body needs energy so that it can work effectively during the day activities.

Morning breakfast provides necessary nutrients and energy needed for working throughout the day. Your breakfast must be full of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other necessary nutrients. You can also follow certain diet charts available online.

You should remember that if you don’t take proper meal you will keep feeling irritated and feeling lack of energy during the working hours which will create unnecessary stress and anxiety for you.

5. Stay Positive

Positive mindset brings positive life.

It is very important to stay positive especially during the morning hours. It any thing negative happens to you in the morning, try to stay calm and at peace. If you loose your temper, your entire day will get spoiled.

Suppose before departing for your office you come to know that one of the tyres of your car is puncture. One way is that you can crib for that or get hyper but that is not the solution. In such a case you should keep your calm and use another vehicle if it is available at home. You can also call some of your friend or borrow from your neighbour or use public transport for reaching your office.

You can call your boss if you have to reach office with delay with the true reason.

6. Self affirmation

Use affirmations to keep yourself in high spirits.

It is commonly seen that if start your day happily, there are good chances that your whole day will pass in high spirits. But if opposite happens, your whole day gets ruined. So it is important to start your day with positive mindset. You can use affirm yourself by reading positive thoughts and sentences.

Such affirmations in the morning can surely help you to pass your day with enthusiasm and happiness. You can write positive quotes on wall of your house where you can see while coming and going out. These affirmations may be like

  • I will not loose my temper today as it will only shoot my Blood pressure
  • I will not speak or hear negative about others as it creates more negativity.
  • I will not crib for small problems as i can solve all my problems.
  • I will not scold my children as they are innocent and God like.
  • I will keep myself at peace in all situations.
  • I will donate to poor and needy so that i can see smile on their face and i can feel mental satisfaction.
  • I will say Yes for all needs of other as saying yes creates positivity inside me and outside. Saying No creates negativity.
  • I am going to excel at my work place.
  • I am going to work more hard so that I can get better results for me and the organization where i am working.


This article provides tips on how to start your day to remain in high spirits entire day These tips include getting up early in the morning, going out for a walk along with basic stretching and physical exercises, sparing time for meditation, taking proper breakfast, keeping yourself positive and affirming yourself for positive day ahead.

How to start your day

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