6 Tips to stop your mind racing

6 Tips to stop your mind racing
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6 Tips to stop your mind racing

Thoughts are both Boon as well as curse. These are our thoughts that guide us to move forward in life. But fast moving thought patterns can become a problem for us. These racing thoughts can increase anxiety, uneasiness , sleep disorders and can even disturb concentration. This article describes 6 Tips to stop your mind racing.

Recently I heard a news stating that a highly successful news anchor took her life as she was unable to control her thoughts”.

How to stop your mind racing

Here are several steps you can take to manage or prevent racing thoughts if you’re having them right now:

1. Breathing:

We can’t survive without breathing so thoughts. It is my observation that when we breath slowly, the stream of thoughts also gets slow and the reverse of that is also true. So deep breathing can surely help to calm thoughts.
In case of excessive thoughts, you can also try to hold your breath as long as you can. I have observed that after repeating this activity for a number of times, thoughts surely subside.

2. Food:

Food is another important thing for survival of our body as well as thoughts. Eating lesser food or fasting surely has an impact on quality and frequency of thoughts.
I have practically observed that eating raw food, fruits, vegetables surely help to generate lesser number of thoughts.

3. Moon Cycles:

Moon is considered the god of thoughts. I have observed that stream of thoughts starts flowing at faster pace near full moon or no moon days.
Lesser intake of food and water on these days surely helps to lessen thoughts.

4. Environment:

Our environment plays an important role in generation of thoughts. More the crowd, more the thoughts. I have practically observed that when I go to less crowded places, number of thoughts decrease.

5. In the lap of nature:

Nature plays beautiful game to subside your thoughts. This is my practical experience that thoughts get slow while staying in parks, near some river, mountain trekking or some other natural place.

6. Media Intake:

Media intake in any form is good source of thoughts, Reading news papers, magzines, Social media, Television help to generate more thoughts because most of the content on these channels is unnecessary and irrelevant but still we watch them.
We must spare some time to go for trekking away from phone, family, business and other routine activities. Thoughts will surely subside.


In this article, tips on how to stay happy in daily life have been suggested. These tips include accepting the situations and people, keeping your desk clear of work , resolving all kinds of issues and misunderstandings with open communication, forgiving yourself and others, letting go of situations, no expectations from others and regular meditation,

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