8 Tips to stay happy and positive

8 Tips to stay happy and positive

Do you want to know how to stay happy in all situations of life??

If yes, then this article is a must read for you. Everyone in this world is in the constant search of happiness. Everyone works really hard to be and stay happy. You can follow the following tips to stay happy in every situation of life.

1. Accept everything and everyone

“Acceptance opens the door of peace”.

Acceptance is the most important step towards being happy and joyful. The basic reason to be unhappy is that we don’t accept the situations and people around us.

For example, In families, disputes arise only because people are unable to accept each other as they actually are. Parents want to change their children as per their wishes, husbands want to change basic personality of their wives, wives want to change habits of their husbands and this list is very long.

Similarly in your work place, you may get stressed and unhappy just because you are unable to accept your colleagues and boss. Accepting them will only make you happy and joyful.

More you try to change others, more you invite unhappiness in your life, So don’t try to change others. You can only change yourself not others.

2. Keep your desk clear

“Don’t keep your work pending”.

Keeping the work pending eats up happiness and brings unnecessary stress. It is always good to finish the tasks in hand as quick as possible specially in work environment. Today if you don’t finish your work, next day you will get more work which will be difficult for you to finish on time which would ultimately eat up your happiness and bring stress.

3. Try to resolve issues

“Resolve your issues as quick as possible”.

Every problem has a solution. It has been reported in a survey that 90% of our problems actually don’t exist. We generate them inside your mind only. So it is always good to find the cause of your worries and problem and solve them.

For example, if you get involved in any kind of dispute with anyone, it is always good to resolve it immediately as it can create unnecessary stress and problem in future if not resolved .

I heard from one of my teachers that we must resolve all issues and fights especially with our spouse before going to bed otherwise next morning it will create a hell for entire family.

Same rule applies for each and every relationship.

4. Open Communication

Open communication is the solution of every problem”.

Most of the misunderstandings arise due to gap of communication. Open communication can definitely solve most of your problem. So it is always good to communicate with the person with whom you have misunderstanding.

After communication you will come to know about his/her perspective and will be able to clear the misunderstanding . Hence it will surely make you calm and happy.

5. Forgiving others

“Forgive everyone to get ultimate happiness”.

Forgive yourself and others for everything bad your did or faced. Forgiveness helps you to release your negative emotions like guilt or hatred for others. You must forgive from deep of your heart. You can do the following exercise to forgive:

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • You can sit on chair, bed or anywhere you are comfortable.
  • It is preferred to sit where there is less noise or not noise at all. It will help you to concentrate easily
  • Close your eyes.
  • Perform deep breathing. Inhale air through your nose until your lungs and stomach get full of air and exhale through your mouth until your lungs and stomach get empty. It should be done five to ten times.
  • Bring the face of the person in your mind whom you want problematic.
  • Generate a thought in your mind that you forgive that person from deep of your heart. You forgive him for everything bad he/she did to you.
  • This thought process should be accompanied by emotions related to forgiveness and empathy.
  • Repeat this process multiple times. This process should be repeated until you find yourself at peace and feel happiness.

6. Let Go of everything

“Increase your mental peace by letting go of everything”.

Sometimes situations are not in our control. One way to deal with such circumstances is to get angry at others, sky rocketing your blood pressure or spoiling relationships The other way is to let go of everything that is happening.

During this process, we have to ignore whatever is happening watching everything as an observer without involving ourselves in it. This way, letting go helps us to keep us calm and stay happy in any situation.

7. Don’t Expect from others

“Expectations bring unhappiness”.

This is one of the primary reasons for unhappiness and dissatisfaction in modern world. We always expect good from others but unfortunately that doesn’t happen especially in close relationships.

It is better to do good for others but don’t expect that you will receive the same from them. But law of karma says that “Whatever you do to others will come back”. So don’t stop doing good as doing so will surely reward you but from other people and sources.

8. Meditate regularly

“Meditate regularly to stay calm and happy”.

Meditation is considered the best way to be happy. It releases hormones which are responsible for making you calm and happy. But meditation must be done on regular basis. Morning and evening are considered the best times for meditating but you can meditate any time as per your convenience.

General rule of thumb is you should meditate everyday for number of hours equal to your age. For example your age is 35.So must meditate for 35 minutes on daily basis. You can divide this time into to halves that is 18 minutes in the morning and 17 minutes in the evening.


In this article, tips on how to stay happy in daily life have been suggested. These tips include accepting the situations and people, keeping your desk clear of work , resolving all kinds of issues and misunderstandings with open communication, forgiving yourself and others, letting go of situations, no expectations from others and regular meditation,

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