Be discreet with your kindness – A Story of a father and his son

Be discreet with your kindness
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Be discreet with your kindness

“Dad, change yourself a little bit. Somebody robs you and goes away,” the son packed a customer’s belongings.

“Son, the poor man didn’t say anything, I gave him the money by myself,”  Vinod explained to his son.

Yeah, that’s right… But this is not the right way to help everybody without knowing about him.

“My son is right”, Vinod thought. Ever since Chandu was given 2500/-  rupees, he had disappeared. Otherwise, he used to bring his Sweets cart every day and used to stand in front of the shop for half an hour.

Another day Chandu, a seventeen-eighteen years old boy had come to the shop to drink water when Vinod had explained to him

Food items should not be kept open.

You make nice sweets  but you can’t sell them because your keep them open to invite dust and flies.

“What should I do?”  Chandu asked naively.

Vinod advised him “Get a glass box and keep sweets inside it” .

“It is difficult to survive, father passed away four months ago, I have no money,” he said sadly.

Vinod got emotional.

He had  two thousand five hundred rupees in his pocket, He took them out and gave them to Chandu.

He had tears in his eyes while taking the money.

Chandu did not show up after that.

But Vinod remembered the popular saying, ‘Neki Kar Dariya Mein Dal’.

As soon as this thought came to his mind, he smiled and got normal.

Then Chandu came in and started touching his feet. Vinod was shocked to see him again after so long.

Vinod looked at the son, who was also surprised to see Chandu again touching his father’s feet.

“I know, you must have thought that I ran away with your money. But it is not so”, he said.

He took Vinod’s hand with great affection and brought him out of the shop. His cart was outside with sweets inside a well decorated glass box. There were packed boxes on his cart. He had rejuvenated.

It took a day or two to get the glass box made. Then my sweets started selling fast in market.

Today I have just come to return your money,” he took out Rs 2500/- from his pocket and gave it back to him.

Vinod said with a full throat and wide eyes. “Chandu, you have done wonders, I am very happy,”

“This is for you, Popular Sweets of Agra”, Chandu offered a pack of sweets to Vinod with tears of joy welling up in his eyes as well.

Vinod’s son was also learning this ‘best lesson’ of the happiness of life.


Always Help the needy.

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