Change your perspective to change your destiny – short story

Change your perspective to change life

Change your perspective to change your destiny

Once a teacher took the children of the whole class to his village. His family members had planted mango orchards in his village. There was also a nursery, where roses were cultivated. All the children plucked good mangoes from the garden and then stood among the roses and posed for many photos.

When the time came to leave, the teacher said, “Children, it is very important to have good people and good relationships in our life.”

We should understand their importance.

A child asked, but how do we find out who is good and who is bad? The teacher started saying, let us understand this through a game. You just go to the mango orchard and pluck it for me, whichever is the biggest mango there. But once you have gone ahead, you cannot go back. The child went to the garden and started looking carefully at all the mangoes there. Looking at each and every mango, they went ahead thinking that perhaps a bigger mango could be seen ahead.

In doing so they reached the end of the garden. After reaching the end, they realized that the biggest mango was left behind on another  tree. They all reached back to their teacher empty handed and narrated their experience.

The teacher said, we often make a mistake in understanding people. In our search for the good, we keep searching here and there, and we do not even recognize that which is in front of us.

Come on, now pluck the biggest rose for me. This time the children did nothing wrong. They went to the rose garden and plucked the first rose they saw as the largest.

The teacher started saying, Look, this time you believed in yourself and convinced yourself that the one who is in front of me is the best. The good is often hidden not in others, but in oneself.


In the greed of the greater good, do not lose that which is in front of you.

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