Hatred is a burden on the mind, throw it away – Story of Buddha

Hatred is a burden on the mind, throw it away

Hatred is a burden on the mind, throw it away

Once Mahatma Buddha requested his disciples that they should bring large potatoes in a bag with them while coming to the discourse from tomorrow.

They should write the name of the person they are jealous on these potatoes . The person who hates many people can bring many potatoes.

Next day everyone brought potatoes, some had four potatoes, some had six or eight and each potato had the name of the person they hated.

Now Buddha said that, for the next seven days, you should always keep these potatoes with you, wherever you go, eat, drink, sleep and wake up, keep these potatoes with you always.

The disciples did not understand what Mahatma Buddha wanted, but they literally followed his orders.

After two or three days, the disciples started complaining to each other, those who had more potatoes were in great trouble.

Somehow they spent seven days, and then disciples took refuge in Mahatma Buddha.

Mahatma Buddha said, now take out your potato bags and keep them away from you. The disciples took a sigh of relief.

Mahatma Buddha asked “How was the experience of the last seven days?”

The disciples narrated everything to Mahatma Buddha, gave details of their sufferings, told about the trouble caused by the smell of potatoes.

Buddha said that this experience must have given you a lesson. 

When these potatoes can become burden on you in just seven days, then think how much burden you keep on your mind by hating people you don’t like.

Now think! What would be the condition of your mind which is filled with the burden of jealousy and envy? This jealousy puts unnecessary burden on your mind and fills stench into your mind, just like those potatoes. 

So remove such feelings from your mind. If you cannot love someone then at least don’t hate and envy, only then your mind will remain clean, pure and light, otherwise both your mind and your mentality will get sick while carrying them throughout your life.


One who is jealous cannot get inner happiness even after getting everything. The more we share love, the more it will increase so love should be adopted in our life.

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