House of God – Story of an old man

Story of old man
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House of God – Story of an old man

Yesterday afternoon I went to the bank. An elderly man also came there. He was looking for something there. I thought that he needed a pen.

When I asked him, he said, “My hands are trembling due to illness and I have to fill withdrawal form to withdraw money.  I am looking for someone who can help me for this”.

I said, “If you don’t mind, can I fill your form?”

Seeing his troubles going away, he allowed me to fill the form.

After withdrawing the money, he asked me to count the money. I counted the money and returned them.

We both finished our work at same time. So when we both came out of the bank, he said, “Sorry, you will have a little more trouble. But will you get me a rickshaw?”

I said, “I have to go in same direction where you want to go. If I drop you home by car, will it work?”

He got ready. We reached his house. It was a bungalow built on a plot of 60′ × 100′.

He had an old wife at home. She got little scared to see an unfamiliar person along with his husband.

After reading the expressions of his wife, he said, “There is nothing to worry about. He has come to leave me.”

Then we had a little conversation. In a conversation with him, he said, “In this *house of God* we both live as husband and wife. Our children live abroad.”

When I asked him about *God’s house*, he started saying

“Our house has an old tradition of saying *God’s house*. The feeling behind this is that this house belongs to God and we live in that house. People say that *home is ours and God lives in our house.* “

I thought about the difference between the two statements. Then he said…

“If you speak the house of God, you do not have any negative actions from yourself, you always have good thoughts.”

Later said in a funny tone …

“People go to God’s house after death, but we are enjoying God’s house while we are alive.”

This sentence means as if there is some offering given by God. Perhaps God would have given me the wisdom to leave those elderly people at home.

*House of God and we live in his house* This sentence kept lingering in my mind for a very long time.

So this is our perspective that defines our life.


This story has a hidden lesson to leave everything upto God. This way we can never be involved in negative beliefs.

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