How to convert a problem into boon

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How to convert a problem into boon

️ Problem is a negative word, but sometimes problems also become a boon because it awakens our inner powers. We are placing such an incident in front of you, 26 January 2001.

You will remember the devastating earthquake in Gujarat, which shook the entire country, but an incident happened in this which is very inspiring for all of us. A complete paralysis patient was lying in a hospital in Kutch, Gujarat.

He was given all the food and drink on the bed itself, all his deeds were done on the bed itself, but as soon as the earthquake happened, the walls started shaking, the roofs started shaking and people started running away, no one paid attention to him.

So it happened that the patient who was completely paralyzed also got up, stood up and kept running till he reached a safe place, what happened, a miracle happened like, a problem caused his inner powers. Awakened.

️ So in the same way, the problem becomes a boon for us at times, we must consider this aspect of it too.

️ Like we said that an attitude towards problems, sometimes we make it like a Himalayan mountain by problem solving, but one aspect of it which came to be seen in this incident is that sometimes problems also awaken our inner powers. And it is a matter of fact that we are very powerful.

Considering even a small thing as a problem is a big problem, we do not consider this thing as a problem, it is a routine of life, it goes on and will continue to go on. And in those problems, if a person maintains the balance of his mental state, that is, he is not disturbed, he does not panic, then he will feel that his sleeping powers have woken up, his conscience which was not working, he started working.

️ As soon as the problem comes, he should not get upset and with a calm mind he starts thinking that the problem has come, what can be the best, simplest solution to it, then he will find that his solution is contained in his intellect itself * but man When it gets disturbed, the intellect stops doing its work, doesn’t it, then even that solution is not available to him.

️ So the first thing we will bring in life is that if problems are not considered as problems, if we consider them as challenges, if we consider them to increase our powers, if we consider them to awaken our conscience, then problems are really a boon..

️ If we consider the problem as a challenge rather than considering it as a challenge, there is a difference between the two, when we take it as a challenge, then our powers start working.

️ I remember who was Winston Churchill, who was the Prime Minister of Britain during the Second World War, when he was young, he used to stammer in speaking, could not speak English properly but he took it as a challenge Because all his friends used to tease him a lot. And history is witness that he was the most famous speaker of that time.

️ All over the world, he accepted what was a shortcoming in him as a challenge, if he had accepted the problem, he might never have become famous in this form, but the challenge might have awakened the power within him.

️ So suppose that two teams are playing and the bowler is throwing the ball and there is a batsman, right now the bowler is very dangerous but the batsman considers it a challenge that I do not want to get out on his own balls and score maximum runs. And have to show that we are not going to surrender before this, then look, all his powers will be awakened, his intellect will start to concentrate completely, he will not see anything except the ball and he will be victorious.

️It has been seen at such a time, the batsman starts dominating the bowler thinking like this, then the line-length of the bowler gets spoiled, meaning we dominate the bowler, the bowler is unable to dominate.

️ That’s why we keep our inner powers awake, the circumstances are like a storm in the world, but we are also nothing less.

️ If the circumstances are powerful, then we are also God’s children, we also have their powers, will God’s children not have God’s powers.

Therefore, we should consider the problems as challenges and by overcoming them easily through spiritual powers, get the experience of living a blissful, happy life for ourselves and others too.


One who is jealous cannot get inner happiness even after getting everything. The more we share love, the more it will increase so love should be adopted in our life.

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