How to live a happy life – Story of a Rikshawpuller

How to live a happy life

How to live a happy life – Story of a poor Rikshawpuller

Once a rich man was  going somewhere and his car broke down. It was very important for him to reach his destination. He saw a rickshaw under a tree nearby. He went to the rickshaw puller who was keeping his feet on the handle of his Rickshaw, his back on its seat and his head over the passenger seat.

While lying down in such a way he was humming a song. The rich man was very surprised to see how a rickshaw puller can be so happy while being in such a restless place? How can he sing?

He called him  to go. The rickshaw puller got up quickly and asked him to give 20 rupees.

On the way, the rickshaw puller pulls the rickshaw with fun while singing the same song. The rich man once again wondered how a person could be so happy with 20 rupees. He asked, “How can you sing with so much fun”? He got a little jealous and invited the rickshaw puller to have dinner at his bungalow. The rickshaw puller accepted his invitation.

The rich man told each of his servants that this rickshaw puller should be given the best food and facilities. Different types of food was served including Soups, ice creams, Gulab Jamun, vegetables as well as a variety of fruits.

The rickshaw puller started eating without any reaction or any panic statement. He ate food with pleasure while singing the same song. Everyone felt as if the rickshaw driver was not eating such food for the first time. The rich man was once again shocked and envious that why a common man does not give any surprise reaction even after seeing so many types of dishes. Moreover he was still singing as he was singing in his rickshaw.

Seeing all this, the envy of the rich man increased further. Then he asked the rickshaw-man to stay in his bungalow for a few days. The rickshaw driver agreed. He was given a lot of respect. He was served in the best possible manner. He  was given personal servants, air-conditioned room with large sized television screen to watch his favorite movies and shows.

The rich man noted that the rickshaw driver was not reacting even after having all this. He was behaving normal as he was in the rickshaw. He was still humming in the same way as before.

The rich man’s jealousy kept increasing.

After few days he asked Rickshaw puller: Are you happy”
The rickshaw puller said, “Sir, I am absolutely happy”.

He asked him again: Are you comfortable, aren’t you?
The rickshaw driver sayid: Yes, I am very comfortable.

The rich man decided to drop him back on the same rickshaw. It is only by going there that he would realize the importance of  these wonderful things.

The rich man told his secretary to tell him,”You  pretend that you are happy and comfortable but sir has understood that you are not happy”. So you would be dropped with the same rickshaw.”

The rickshaw puller said to the secretary, “Okay sir, as you like, whenever you want”.

He was dropped back at the same place where his rickshaw was.

Now the rich man looked up at the black glass of his car.

The rickshaw man lifted his seat, took out the black, dirty cloth from his bag, cleaned the rickshaw, sat down and started singing the same song.

The rich man asked his secretary: “What is the affair. It doesn’t make any difference to be such a comfortable one, to come back to this difficult life after rejecting such a wonderful life and then be happy the same way, singing and singing the same way”.

Then the secretary told the rich man: “Sir, this is the mark of a successful man. A successful person lives in the present, enjoys it and does not spoil his present in the hope of a better life”.

Success is hidden in your happiness. So don’t spoil your present by hoping for good days. Nor should you spoil your present by remembering more good days in less good days.


Live in Present for a happy life

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