I have equal right on property – Story of two brothers

I have equal right on property

I have equal right on property – Story of two brothers

For the first time after the father’s demise, there was a fierce debate between Amit and Sumeet. 

After leaving the ancestral home, Amit started living in a society a few kilometers away. He and his children did not like to live in those narrow streets.

Good salaries of  both Amit and his wife allowed them to purchase this nice flat. Amit was in great anger due to debate with his brother.

He was muttering “Our father has not made any will, but I also have equal rights on our ancestral house”.

Amit’s younger brother Sumeet lives in the same ancestral house with his family on partition give to him.

Now Sumeet wants to open a coaching center on my side. Amit speaks to himself.

Sumeet was a  teacher. He lost his job seven months ago. Just two months ago, he opened a coaching center by taking a rented room somewhere nearby but rent was very high. He asked his elder brother to open a coaching center in his area, so that his rent could be saved.

Amit had already refused the proposal on phone call .

Anita, Amit’s wife also justified the younger brother’s point and said, “Please let him open his coaching center, after all he is your younger brother. It is your duty to support him as an elder brother”.

Amit threw the newspaper on the table, picked up the bag and came out to purchase vegetables from the market.

As soon as he entered the market, he saw Ramu, a vegetable seller who had been missing for a month,  Amit was his regular customer. He reached there immediately and asked “Where had you disappeared, it has been a month since I took vegetables from market at a very high price”.

He replied “I had gone  to the village. The financial condition of my younger brother go worsened, he was very upset. I went and got everything right. Got a small shop him”.

In the absence of father, As an elder brother It is my duty to help him.

Hearing this from Ramu, Amit got shivering across his spine.

Leaving his bag there, he took the auto and reached his old house through those familiar narrow streets. His nephews were playing outside they both hugged Amit cheerfully.

Sumeet also came out. Amit scolded him and said, “Now you have become great. You didn’t even call me back” .

He said “You had clearly refused, then why would I call you?”

Amit Said, “So, You do everything that is say”.

Amit  offered him some money to repair furniture in his coaching center. 

Sumeet got tears in his eyes while thanking his elder brother, Amit said, “It’s my duty to help you”. 


In today’s changing social scenario, joint families are breaking up fast replacing them with nuclear families, but in the era of changing lifestyle and competition, family members play an important role in dealing with stress and other mental problems. There are also some expectations from each other in the blood relations in the family, it becomes our responsibility to take care of social and emotional security, cooperation and participation of each other. 

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