Importance of hard work – Story of a lazy landlord

Importance of hard work

Importance of hard work – Story of a lazy landlord

A rich man lived in a village. His name was Bhairomal. Bhairomal had many fields. He had  many servants and laborers. He was very lethargic and lazy. He never went to see his fields. He used to get the work done only by sending his laborers and servants.

The laborers and servants used to do work leisurely. They used to work on the farm for a short span of time and took rest most of the time. They used to roam here and there or gossip.  Te fields were neither irrigated nor properly fertilized. Even the seeds were not properly sowed. No one removed unwanted grass and weeds. As a result, the yield started decreasing gradually. Within a few days, Bhairomal started getting poor.

There was another farmer named Ramprasad in the same village. He did not have fields. He used to do farming by taking some of the fields of Bhairomal on lease. But he was very hardworking.  He used to go to the farm with his laborers. He worked hard and his fields were very well plowed and irrigated. Good manure was applied, grass and weeds were removed and seeds were also sown on time.

His family members also worked on the farm. The yield in the field was good, he used to save a lot of food even after paying rent and spending. Ramprasad became rich in a few days.

Bhairomal became very poor. When the moneylenders became indebted to him, he felt the need to sell his farm. On receiving this news, Ramprasad said to him  “I have heard! that you want to sell your farm. Please sell your fields to me, I will not give less price than others”.

Bhairomal asked in amazement  ​​“Ramprasad, I have become indebted even after having so many fields but from where have you got the money”.


You always take my little land and do farming. Who gave you money to buy my farm?

Ramprasad said – “No one has given me money! I have collected money only by saving it from the produce of the fields.

There is a difference between your farming and mine. You always send your servants and  laborers to fields. You never accompany them  whereas I always call my workers to  come and work with me. This has brought wealth to me.

Now Bhairomal understood the point. He paid off his loan by selling some land to Ramprasad and also started working diligently in the rest of the fields.

Within a few days his condition improved. He became happy and prosperous again.


This story motivates us to work hard and become self dependent. This is the only key to become prosperious.

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