Leave everything to God

Leave everything to God

Leave everything to God

There was a sage. All his life he worshiped God with full devotion. There was a pond in front of his hut. When the time came to leave his body, he saw a heron killing fish. He blew up the heron. After leaving his body, he directly went to hell.

He appeared in a dream of one of his disciple and said, “Son! I had not committed any sin in my whole life, even then i had to go to hell just by blowing heron away. You be careful.”

When the time came for the disciple to leave his body, the same scene came again. The heron was fishing. Following the instructions of his Guru(Master), he did not make the heron fly. When he died, he also went to hell,

He also appeared in the dream of his disciple and said “I along with my master both have gone to hell, you escape”.

When this disciple was on his death bed, he saw another heron fishing in the same pond. He bowed to the Lord and said, “Lord! You are in the fish and you are also in the heron.”

I don’t know what’s a lie? What is the truth? Which is sin, which is virtue? You see your arrangement. I am interested in the thread of your thinking.

After leaving his body, he went to the abode of the Lord. Narad ji asked the Lord, “Why did he go to hell after all? Did sage not commit any sin by flying a heron?”

Lord said, “That day the heron’s food was the same fish. sage blew it away. The heron died after starving”, so sin was committed, so went to hell.”

Narada asked, “His disciple didn’t fly, why did he go to hell?”

The Lord replied, “The heron’s stomach was full that day. He was catching fish out of humor, he should have been blown away. The disciple made a mistake, because of this sin he went to hell.”

Narada asked, “And the third one?”

His Lord said, “The third one remained engaged in his hymn, entrusting all the responsibility on me. As it was supposed to happen, it happened; but because of his association with me, due to the influence of my own contemplation, he attained my abode.”

Therefore, by not wasting time in worrying about sins and virtues, he who is constantly engaged in contemplation, he gets it. As long as our mind remains in the Lord’s name, form, qualities, abode and saints, only that time we remain free from sin, for the rest of the time we continue to commit sins.


So if the mind is constantly kept in God, then both sin and virtue will be offered to God.

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