Regular Practice is necessary | Story of a student

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Regular Practice is necessary

In ancient times, when a student started going home after graduating from a Gurukul, Guruji advised him that something must be read and taught every day.

The disciple tied the knot with the Guru. After coming back home, he started studying every day. But it was also necessary to teach daily as per the order of the Guru. For this he thought of teaching the children of the village.

When he talked to the villagers, they agreed to send their children to him. After coming back from school, children started coming to the graduate to study. Gradually, those children became so intelligent that they started finding faults in the teaching of their teachers in the school.

The teachers thought that how did they suddenly become so fast? On inquiry it came to know that a graduate has come to the village who teaches these children daily. The teachers thought that he would be teaching them to find out the shortcomings.

So all the teachers together thought that the children should be stopped from going near it. Everyone tempted a child and stopped someone from going to graduation by showing fear.

The next day the children did not go to study with him. Then the next day the teachers thought that they should go and see what the graduate is doing now? When they reached his house, they saw that ten or twelve pegs were stuck in front of his house and he was doing his studies sitting in front of them.

The teachers asked him what is this? Then he replied that I mean only Vidyaabhyas. When the children are not coming, I am practicing in front of these pegs. Hearing this, all the teachers realized that he was a true Vidyadhyayi.

He conferred on him the title of Acharya. In Sanskrit, pegs are called cones. That’s why he was named Acharya Shankuk. Who is considered to be an eminent scholar of poetry and jurisprudence. Whose opinion related to Rasa – Anumitivism (Picture – Turganyay) is still read and taught today.


* Regular practice of any discipline or art is necessary. Otherwise it weakens. Therefore students, scholars and artists must do regular practice.

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