Rerouting by Google gives a great lesson

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Rerouting by Google gives a great lesson

Re-routing -> -> -> -> -> ->

Have you noticed that Google Maps never yells or even scolds you if you take a wrong turn.

It never raises its voice nor does it say- “You had to go left at the last crossing, idiot! Now you’ve got to go a long way and it’s going to take you a long time and you’re going to be late for your meeting! Learn to pay attention and listen to my instructions, okay???”

If it did so, the chances are high that many of us might stop using it.

But Google just re-routes and shows you the next best way to get there. Its primary interest is in getting you to your goal, not in making you feel bad for making a mistake.

A very good lesson… it’s easy to take your frustration and anger out on those who have made a mistake. Especially on those who are close and familiar to us.

But the best option is to help fix the problem, not to blame.

Have you had re-routing moments with others and also with loved ones?

Be the Google Map for your kids, spouse, teammates and all the people who matter to you and care about you!!!

Let’s put ourselves on re-routing mode, let’s make things creative positive beautiful! 

This article is about how Rerouting by Google gives a great lesson. It teaches us not to get annoyed at mistakes of others but help them to move towards their goal.

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