Rolls Royce was shown the mirror

Rolls royce was shown mirror

Rolls Royce was shown the mirror

Around 1920, King of Alwar, Maharaja Jai ​​Singh Prabhakar was in London.

One day, without wearing the dress of the king he went to visit London in simple clothes. While roaming in London, he saw Rolls Royce showroom. A luxury car was parked there. King liked it very much.

He went inside the showroom but the employees of that Rolls Royce did not recognize him and considering  him a poor person due to his normal clothes, he was asked to leave the showroom.

The king felt very bad for this contemptuous treatment. He decided to take revenge of this insult. He again went to ‘Rolls Royce’ showroom in his king’s dress. This time he got a very warm welcome by everyone there. Without wasting his time, the king ordered several cars of ‘Rolls Royce’ at once.

They say that the king bought all those cars by paying cash. The employees of the showroom were very happy due to such a big order but they were unaware of What Maharaja was going to do with these royal vehicles.

After coming back,  as soon as the vehicles reached India, the king gave all these vehicles to the municipality for garbage lifting work. 

This made everyone started making fun of ‘Rolls Royce’ vehicles. People did not like to buy these, everyone used to think that why should we buy such vehicles in which the people of India carry garbage.

It is said that later this company wrote an apology letter to the king and also apologized for such bad behavior by its employees. He was also requested that the work of collecting garbage from the vehicles of Rolls Royce Company should be stopped.

Maharaja Jai ​​Singh accepted this request of the company and forgave it, along with he also stopped the work of collecting garbage from these vehicles.

This act of Maharaja Jai ​​Singh had given a good lesson to such people who identify human beings by their clothes. In this way Rolls Royce was shown the mirror.


A man is not identified by his clothes. It is also not right to despise a poor person, we should not make distinctions like poor rich high and low. 

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