The secret of happiness – Story of three passengers

The secret of happiness
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The secret of happiness – Story of three passengers

Three passengers met under a tree on their way. They were on a long journey. They got tired. To rest for a while, they sat in the thick shade of the tree. All of them had two bags, one bag was hanging in the front and the other on the back.

All three sat together and started talking about each other.They looked physically same but everyone’s facial expressions were different.

The first one looked very tired and disappointed as if the journey had made him cumbersome.

Second one was tired but did not feel burdened.

Third one was in great joy.

A saint sitting nearby was looking at them. They went to meet that saint. They asked him why he  was smiling.

In response to their question, the saint asked the three that you have two bags, in one of these you have to keep the good of the people and  the evil in another one, what will you do?

First one said – I will keep evil in front bag so that I can stay away from them for the rest of my life. I’ll keep the good behind.

Second said – I will put good in front so that I can be like them and evil behind so that I can become better than them.

Third said –  I will put good in front so that I am satisfied with them and keep evil behind and will make a hole in the back bag so that they keep reducing the burden of evil and only good will be with me, that is, he wanted to forget evil.

On hearing this, the saint said – The first one looks tired of the journey and looks disappointed because his thinking is negative, so life is difficult for him.

Second, one looks tired but not disappointed, because he puts the good in front, but in trying to be better than the evil, he get tired due to unnecessary competition.

Third, the one who said he puts good ahead and wants to forget evil by putting it behind, he is content and enjoying life. Similarly, he is happy in the journey of life.


 As long as a person finds evil in others, he cannot be happy, life is also a journey in which positive thinking makes life happy.

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