This is how river learnt the lesson of humility from grass

This is how river learnt the lesson of humility from grass

Once the river said to the ocean in very proud words, tell me what should I bring for you with the great speed of the water? If you want, I can uproot all the mountains, houses, trees, animals, humans etc.

The ocean understood that the river has got ego. He said, if you want to bring something for me, then bring some grass uproot. Listening to the ocean, the river said, That’s all! Now I am present at your service. The river used its water to uproot the grass, but the grass did not get uprooted. The river did not give up and tried again and again, but the grass repeatedly bowed to the velocity of the water and was saved from being uprooted. The river did not succeed.

The tired and frustrated river reached near the ocean and bowed its head and said, I can bring houses, trees, mountains, animals, humans etc. by shedding but could not bring the grass uprooted because whenever I hit the particular with great speed, it I bowed down and saved myself and I came out empty handed.

Hearing the river, the ocean smiled and said, “Those who are tough are easily uprooted, but those who have learned humility like grass cannot be crushed even by the mighty speed.”

The pride of the river was also shattered after listening to the ocean. Now it had learnt the lesson of humility from grass.

Humility means that which has flexibility, that which bends easily, does not break. There is the art of living in humility, it is the culmination of bravery. In humility everyone’s respect is accumulated. Humility is the jewel of every successful person. Humility is nobility. If you want to grow up in the world, you should adopt humility. You can conquer the world with humility. Even after achieving the highest destination, one should remain humble by staying away from ego.

In the absence of humility, a person becomes such an effigy of arrogance even after growing up in position, which does not become worthy of respect from anyone.

No matter the place, a humble person is respected everywhere. Where there is opposition, where resistance and force cannot do the job. Problems can be solved with humility. True love cannot be found without humility. The person who stays away from the harshness of the ego, car and speech, he becomes all-loved.


Humility is the necessary virtue to grow.

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