Wallet Photo – Story about truth of life

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Wallet Photo – Story about truth of life

* Just give my Krishna back to me.*

In a packed bus, the conductor found a fallen wallet containing a five hundred note and a picture of Lord Krishna.

He cried out loudly, “Hey brother! Has anyone’s wallet dropped?”

After checking his pockets, a man sitting in the senior citizen seat said, “Yes, son, maybe that will be my wallet… just show it.”

“I will show it, but uncle, first tell me what is inside it?”

Nothing. There is some money in it and there is a photo of my Krishna.”, uncle replied.

But Krishna’s photo can be in anyone’s wallet, how can I believe that it is yours.”, questioned the conductor.

Now uncle sat next to him and said, “Son, this wallet is from when I was in high school. When my father gave it to me, my Krishna’s photo was in it.

But I felt that my parents are everything for me, so I put their photo on top of Krishna’s photo….

When I was young, I felt how handsome I am and I put my photo on the photo of my parents….

Then I fell in love with a girl, felt that she is my world, she is everything for me and I put my photo as well as her photo… Luckily we got married too.

A few days later my son was born, I had never been so happy before…. Morning and evening, day and night, I used to take care of my son only….

then in this wallet I put a photo of my son at the top…

But now the space was running out, so I took out the photos of Krishna and my parents and kept them in the box.

And look at the statute of the law, after two or four years of taking the photo, the parents died… and unfortunately after them my wife also left me after a long illness.

Here the son had grown up, he got a job, got married… Now the daughter-in-law started finding this house small, they took a flat in the apartment and moved there.

Now I was all alone in my house where I had seen all the relationships live and die…

You know, the day my son left me, I cried a lot… I had never felt so sad before… I didn’t know what to do, and then I looked at the box in which I had Krishna years ago. The photo was taken out of his wallet and kept…

I immediately took out that photo and glued it to my chest… felt a strange peace… felt that all the relationships in my life were connected and broken… but in the midst of all this my relationship with my God remained unbroken… my Krishna never got angry with me…

And since then only my Krishna’s photo is in this wallet and no one else’s… and I don’t care about this wallet and five hundred notes lying in it, my stop is about to come… you just give me the picture of the wallet… Give me my Krishna…

The conductor immediately put the wallet in uncle’s hand and kept staring at him.

No matter how big we become, our renunciation and love for God always remains.


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