When situations are out of control

When situations are out of control
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When situations are out of control

1. Change your Perspective

Change your perspective towards situation to understand it.

It is the human nature to blame others for all troubles and problems. When you come to know about real perspective of other person you might feel guilty for blame game. So it is always good to make an open and clear communication with the person whom you think troublesome for you.

Once you understand the perspective of other person you would come to know that what you are considering a problem might be good for you and others.

In any organization or company, it is commonly seen that workers criticize their seniors for their behavior and decisions. But when the same worker gets promoted and reaches the same post, he also shows the same behavior

This is because the perspective has changed. Earlier the entire focus was on personal benefits but when one gets promoted, he has to take decisions considering everyone and everything for growth and benefit of the organization.

Similarly You can have two neighbors. You have good relationships with one of them but not with the other. This is just because of your own perspective towards them. Which is good towards one of them but not for other.

2. Understand the situation

Try to under stand the situation before making conclusion.

Sometime we see the situations in opposite way as they actually are. Due to wrong judgement of situations we may spoil our relationships with others or make the situation worse for us as well as others.

For example, one day i met one of my old friend in market. I greeted him but he looked lit bit in hurry and went away without proper conversation with me. I felt really very bad at his behavior.

After few days, he met me again and apologized for his behavior. He stated that his mother was not healthy on the day. Doctor had advised her to get admitted in hospital as soon as possible. So he was in a great hurry and could not talk to me.

Then I realized that I was wrong to judge him that way.

3. Negativity attracts Negativity

Try to remove negativity from you mind.

We become negative when we find situations out of our control. Once we become negative, an infinite loop of negative thoughts starts in our mind and which goes on until we come out of that.

You should try to stay positive in such situations. It is generally not easy to stay positive so you can take help of your parents, teachers, elder and good friends whom you trust and discuss your problem and get right advice to become positive and handle the situations with positive mindset.

There is always a group of negative people around you who are in the habit of speaking negative about anything and everything. Discussing your situation with such kind of people will only make your situation worse for you. They can surely motivate you to take wrong decisions. So it is always good to avoid gossips with such kind of people.

You can also visit some spiritual place depending upon your religious or spiritual beliefs. The environment of such places is generally full of positivity. Going and staying at such places for some time can surely help you to become positive. You can also pray to God to help you.

You can also visit some orphanage where you should spend some time with kids, play with them and get yourself motivated by observing that you are fortunate to have various things which they lack in their lives.

You can also read motivational books and literature to make yourself positive and release your negativity. There are good number of self motivational books written by great authors. Few of them are:

You can also watch motivational seminars by popular speakers on YouTube. They can also help you to become positive. Few popular motivational speakers whose video are available on YouTube are :

4. Meditation

Meditation calms down nerves.

This is the best technique to become calm and positive in any situation of life. Meditation helps to relax the brain and body. Once you become calm you can clearly see the situation and take the right decision.

Meditation also controls the flow of thoughts and emotions which further helps you to take logical decisions and actions which are good for you as well as others. Click here to know how to meditate

5. Observe as a Distant observer

Observe the situation as a distant observer.

It is a practical fact that you can give right advise to others according to their situations but when same situation arises for you, it becomes difficult for you to take right decisions. This is because when others face some problem you are not the part of problem.

As an outside observer you can see and judge the situation properly. This is because you are free from any kind of negative thoughts and emotions towards the situation.

Similarly when your situations are out of control, you can also watch your situations as a distant observer without involving into it. This way you can find the right solution and handle the situation properly.

6. Face the Fear

Never run away from things that scare you.

Many times, you find your situations out of control because you are afraid of many things. These unknown fears keep you struck in the situation. When you observe deeply, 90% of such fears have no meaning.

The best way to remove the fear is to face it. When you dare to face your fear, you would become fearless which would help you to find multiple methods to solve your problems and get the situation under your control.

As a school student I was really afraid of mathematics. I always considered mathematics as a nightmare. In class 10, I accepted Mathematics as a challenge and took help of my Mathematics teacher to learn it. Within three months my mathematics fear vanished and I scored 92% marks in my board exams.


This article provides you tips how to manager yourself when situations are out of control. These tips include changing your perspective towards situation, understanding the situation with cool mind, remaining positive and avoid negativity, meditating to relax yourself as well as facing your fears. Practical implementation of above tips can definitely help you to handle and come out safe and happy when situations are out of control.

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