Why do people fight – Story of a rich man

why do people fight

Why do people fight

A saint made his living by begging. He used to go to different villages every day for alms.

One day he visited the richest person of the village for alms. The rich man was very kind so he gave some grains to the saint and said , “I want to ask a question”.

The saint took grain from him  and said “it is okay to ask”.

Rich man said that he wanted to know why people fight ?

The saint remained silent for some time and then said, ” I have come here to take alms, not to answer your stupid questions”.

On hearing this, rich man became very angry. He lost control of himself and said what kind of saint you are, I donated and you are speaking to me like this.

He angrily told a lot of things to the saint. The saint was listening silently. Not once did he turn back.

After some time his anger subsided, then the saint told him  “As soon as I said some bad things to you, you got angry. In anger you started shouting at me. Had I also become angry at the same time, we would have had a big fight”.

In this way rich man got a lesson that biggest reason of fight is anger.


Anger is the root cause of every quarrel and peace can end every dispute. If we don’t get angry then there will never be any debate or fight . If you want happiness and peace in life, then anger should be controlled. Meditate everyday to control anger..!

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