How intelligent are you?

How intelligent are you

How intelligent are you?

Once a king had no children, he was getting old…

The king started worrying, “who would handle the kingdom after me”.

The king got an idea,

He built a new palace and wrote an Algebric formula on its main gate…

He announced that whenever someone solves this formula, door will be opened and he will be the owner of this new palace and heir to the kingdom.

Big mathematicians and scholars from all over the state started arriving but no one could solve that formula.

After a few days candidates stopped coming.

The king also made same announcement in neighboring states, many people started coming but  formula could not be solved by anyone.

One day two people arrived, one of them was a mathematician and other one was simple young man.

Seeing the dirty and torn clothes of the young man, the gatekeeper got angry and started driving him away and said, “You will not be able to solve”.

When the king saw this he ordered that the young man should be given the opportunity. 

The young man said, “first opportunity should be given to the learned person. If he is unable to solve, then I will try”.

The king said okay, take your seat.

The mathematician kept trying till evening but nothing happened.

Now the young man was called, he simply went and pushed the door, the door got opened.

The palace reverberated with the sound of claps.

The king asked, “How did you do that?”

The young man said that when the learned man was battling for the whole day, then I felt that it may not be an Algebric formula, it may be written on the door to test the intellect.


Many times in life we ​​all struggle with some problem while it is not a problem at all*

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